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For Students

Project orchestra

How to join the project orchestra?

The plans for the project orchestra are not finished yet. Like us on Facebook or keep an eye on the website and you will be informed about the application for the project orchestra.


When/where is the project orchestra?

The project orchestra will rehearse and tour in the summer of 2019 or 2020. We will try to find two weeks in the summer in which (almost) every university in Europe has its summer holiday. The project orchestra will rehearse in Sweden and will tour through the Northern countries of Europe. More information about the exact date and location will follow.


How can I use ENUO when I want to study abroad?

To meet new people and to learn the culture of the country you are studying in, you can join the local university orchestra. On our website you can find the contact details of all the partner orchestras of ENUO. For more information go to Going on Exchange.