Rahvusülikool 100: Pärt Uusbergi teos segakoorile ja orkestrile

  • Date: –21:00
  • Location: Pärnu Concert Hall
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  • Organiser: Tartu University Symphony Orchestra
  • Contact person: Tartu University Symphony Orchestra
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National University 100 invites:
Pärt Uusberg, Uku Masing, Kristian Jaak Peterson "... and a windsurf of light are oars ..." large format for mixed choir and symphony orchestra.

The University of Tartu is not just an academic institution. Alma Mater is also a cultural pulpit: a large number of students, faculty, and university staff, in one way or another, take part in the spiritual glorification and self-sacrifice of art behind the six pillars. The culmination of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the National University will begin with Pärt Uusberg's large-format mixed choir and symphony orchestra "… and the oar on the windsurf ...", premiering on November 30 at the Vanemuine Concert Hall.

Performers: University of Tartu Symphony Orchestra, Female Academic Choir of Tartu University, Chamber Choir of Tartu University and Male Academic Choir of Tartu.
Conductors: Taavi Kull, Triin Koch and Kuno Kerge.

Pärt Uusberg: "I thought for a long time about which text to create for the 100th anniversary of the University of Tartu as a national university. I was reading the works of many Estonian poets who had been associated with the University of Tartu when I suddenly realized that here and now and on the windsurf there are oars ... "is an attempt to express the unique poetry of Uku Masing in music, to which I have excerpts from Kristian Jaak Peterson.