New Year's Concert

  • Date:
  • Location: Nouveau Siècle - Lille 17 place Mendès France 59655 Lille France
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  • Konsert

First part: Une destin boréale, a cappella pieces by composers from northern Europe, by the OUL choir.


A child from Norway, Pål lets the hens on the family farm run away. He in turn left his home and discovered life in the Nordic countries. Amazed by the dawn, he meets spirituality and discovers human warmth, love and the brevity of life. The COUL sings a capella this initiatory journey with baroque (Truid Aagesen) and romantic (Alice Tegnér, Jean Sibelius) colors, contemporary Norwegian (Knut Nystedt) and Finnish (Mia Makaroff) sounds, vocal jazz and Danish pop and Swedish.

Northern Lights, Ola Gjeilo (1978-, Norway)

You're gone, Truid Aagesen (c. 1593-1625, Denmark)

Peace, I leave with you, Knut Nystedt (1915-2004, Norway)

Butterfly, Mia Makaroff (1970-, Finland)


Second part: OUL symphony orchestra

The musicians come together to present a first symphonic program with Iberian and colorful accents. First of all, they will take you to Hispanic France with Bizet's second orchestral suite, taken from the famous opera Carmen, including the arias of La Habanera and the Toréador. To these paintings will be added the work of the French Darius Milhaud: Beef on the Roof, inspired by a Brazilian song and fiery rhythms.

Suite n ° 2 for orchestra by Carmen (Georges Bizet)

Beef on the Roof (Darius Milhaud)

// Health pass required //